List of existing resources useful for natural language processing in the pharmacovigilance domain

  • source: type of source, e.g., scientific paper, abstract, drug leaflet, patient forum, tweet, etc.
  • lang = languages: comma-separated list of 2-letter ISO codes
  • description: short characterization of the corpus
  • noteworthiness: any specific feature of this dataset
  • NER: are entities annotated, and for what types of entities
  • linking: is entity linking provided, and to what ontologies
  • REL: are relations annotated
    • IE = information extraction style: between entity instances (one per pair of entity spans),
    • KB = knowledge-base style: between entities (one per text and pair of [linked] entities),
    • CL = text classification style: presence of a relation between entity types (one per text and pair of entity types); if only one type of relation is considered, this is a binary text classification task
  • REL list: if REL is non null, list of annotated relations
  • format: CONLL, BRAT, etc.
  • size: number of language units such as documents, sentences, words (please no megabytes)
  • publication: reference to a publication (peer-reviewed rather than preprint)
  • URL: URL where the dataset can be downloaded or is described
name source lang description noteworthiness NER linking REL REL list format size publication URL
TLC patient forum de dataset annotated with layman expressions: Fachterm, Laienbegriff, Abkürzung layman terms, including their associated technical terms; technical term with a rather layman term no no BRAT 4000 documents
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